Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

For Holidays,  I have my home/family projects and my work/school projects!!

Most holidays, I make my husband something "thoughtful". This Valentine's Day was no different. I made him an ABCs book of our story.

"ABCs of You and Me"
I cut out 28 "pages". One for each letter and a front and back cover. I cut out each letter and a word/ phrase that describes our relationship. Then I wrote a handwritten message on each.

All the "pages"

The cover

A page before the written message

I had to get the dictionary out to come up with words for some letters but I got a word/phrase for each one!

A couple finished pages

Completed ABCs book of You & Me

 For my students, I made them "love punch", Valentines, and cake pops! 

"Love Punch" for my students!

Items you need: bottle water, valentine 12 x 12 paper, red ribbon, straws (I used red and white), Hawaiian Punch drop ins, file folder labels and some tape.

AJ helped me by putting the paper around the water bottles while I tied the straws on the bottles. So this was a quick and easy way to add some fun to our Valentine's Day celebration.

Valentines for my students!

I made my students Valentine's Day cards. I made "love aliens" for the boys and "love bugs" for the girls. I cut the characters out on the cricut. I used Boys will be Boys and Stamping cartridge to make the "love aliens". I used Create a Critter cartridge and the left over hearts from the alien's heart chain. The message on the back of the cards I typed and printed off from my computer and just glued them on the back.

Cake Pops!

I love to cook and bake but decorating baked goods is not really my area. I don't have the patience to decorate cakes and other stuff but I can do basic stuff. I made my kiddos chocolate cake pops and used red and pink melts to decorate them. Bridge came to my rescue and helped with the pink drizzling!

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