Monday, February 13, 2012

Jack's 1st Birthday~ Cookie Monster

When Jack turned six months old (yes we celebrate half birthdays) I began the process of "planning the party". Three most important things for a party~ date, location, and the theme. The first two were easy~ the weekend following his birthday and our house. The third was a little harder. After some discussion, daddy's idea won and the creating of the cookie monster party began.

Happy Six Months Sweet Boy!

Theme: Cookie Monster
Colors: blue, red, and yellow

I started with the invitations. I knew it would take some time making 40 of them. I started with a test one. This was only my third set of invitations I had made. Once I figured out the sizes and what I wanted it to look like I was good to go. Of course, Jack had to be eating a cookie! 

Then the creating took off.

You can't have a cookie monster party without cookies!! So we had a cookie bar. There were four different kinds of cookies for the guest to sample. Kristen (My Wonderful Cousin and Jack's godmother) helped me make all the cookies for the party. 

I made a label and a recipe card for each cookie. The favors for our guest was to fill their cookie monster bag with cookies and take the recipes for the cookies they liked.

"Monster Bites" and Cake Table
I had a cake lady named Donna make both cakes. Cake decorating is NOT my thing!

I made a big sign for outside our house and I was able to find online Chocolate Chip Cookie  mylar balloons.

I also made a sign for inside. I had AJ make a bean bag toss for the kids. I decorated it and then sewed together chocolate chip cookie beans for tossing. I made the bean bags out of fabric and felt then filled them with rice. Jack still plays with them today! 

Bridge always has to bring her creativity too! She made Jack a cookie monster gift bag and painted cookie monsters on her toes!

It's cake time!!

The Birthday Boy had a Blast!!!

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