Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Banner

Isabella is turning 2 and her mom (Heather) asked me to make a Mickey and Minnie Mouse banner for her birthday celebration. I was told the colors (red, black, and yellow) and then to create. I do love those request!

I hope you have a blast at your Mickey and Minnie Mouse party sweet girl!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jack's 2nd Birthday- Elmo's World/ Sesame Street

I know the first question will be "When did you start planning the 2nd birthday?" Well to be honest, I had picked theme and started work on a plan when Jack was 13 months old. I know, I know but it was so easy to decide. Jack LOVES Elmo's World. Just so you know I only contacted the cake lady (Kate Petronis) seven months in advance.

Like I had said before you need your date, location, and theme. Jack's birthday this year fell on a  Thursday so the date was easy; the Saturday following his birthday. Location was what needed to be decided on. We knew with the group of kids we had coming we needed to do it at a park. So we decided to rent a pavilion at Fowler Park. It's a beautiful park and the set up was prefect for the party. 

Let the fun begin. 

I have made a rule for myself that I can't start Jack's birthday stuff until after the 1st of the year. Well I broke the rule this year. (50% isn't that bad) Since I was off for Winter Break I decided to work on the invitations. I had to get my sample done so I could get sizes right. I include a picture of Jack on the invitation so this can make it hard to get the sizing right because I don't take the actual picture until the end of February. So it doesn't always fit the design of the card. That's what happen this year so I just moved things around on the front to make it work.

AJ and I had discussed different ideas for the front of the invitation. 1. Jack in his Elmo shirt in front of his Elmo's tent. 2. Jack running around the park in his Elmo shirt. Well we ended doing something different. I had asked Goose (my dad) to make a Sesame Street pole and sign that I could use for decoration to put outside the pavilion. He did an AMAZING job! He delivered it to us on the day we decided to Jack's pictures. Jack's Elmo tent was still at Carly's house so we couldn't use it. And It was raining so the park pictures were out. I decided to put him in his Elmo shirt at Bridge's and just start shooting pictures. The first shot he was hugging his Sesame Street pole. That's the one we used. It didn't matter that you couldn't see his Elmo shirt. 

Originally the theme was just Elmo's World but the Sesame Street characters crept in. Bridge loves Oscar so I had to figure out how to include him. So I decided on "For Our Friends" for the favor table. I made two centerpieces with all the characters. I had a banner with the characters  and a sign. Since "Elmo loves his goldfish and his crayons too" then what better favors for the kids then real goldfish and personalized crayon packs for each kid. AJ picked out the Sesame Street pinata for the kids. So when Target had book bags for $1, I bought each kid a Sesame Street one to hold their candy in and to take their crayon pack home.

I made a big sign for the front of the pavilion (but it was too windy so we used it as a tablecloth), a small banner for TV/Cake table, and a little Mr. Noodle poster.

For the food table, we had a "goldfish bar". We served five different kinds of goldfish and Swedish Fish. 

I made centerpieces for five of the tables that included Elmo, Mr. Noodle, Dorothy, the letter J and the number 2.

We have a cake/TV table. The TV was to show Jack's 2nd year video. I made a sign for the TV using a phrase from Elmo's World. Kate Petronis' cake speaks for itself.

I used vinyl to decorate buckets. I turned the two red buckets into Elmos for the drinks and ice. The green bucket I made into an Ocsar and the blue bucket I made into Cookie Monster. We used the green and blue buckets for holding the gifts and then for bringing them home.

Jack LOVES to dance so we had to have a dance center. We made a dance mix of all Jack's favorite songs.

And of course, I made a scrapbook page for everyone to leave Jack a message that I can put in his scrapbook.

The kids loved the Sesame Street pinata! AJ ended up cutting it open, The kids had more fun playing with the candy.

The Birthday Boy was a little upset when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.

And of course, Bridge had to make an Elmo giftbag for the birthday boy!

What an Awesome Elmo's World/Sesame Street Birthday Party!!! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Today, March 2, 2012~ My class celebrated Dr. Seuss and all the wonderful books he wrote. We did a Dr. Seuss Reading Cafe. The students read and wrote description on four different Dr. Seuss books. They wrote each description in a menu. We invited the parents to come to our class so they could "order" a book to be read to them. It was a great activity.

Illy designed a template and we made each of our students a Dr. Seuss shirt. We made 44 shirts!

We (meaning Bridge and I) made the cat's hat and one fish two fish jello snacks for the kids and their parents. We used an oreo, red gummi lifesavers and white frosting to make the hats. We used swedish fish and blue jello to make the jello snack.

Everything turned out great! What an awesome way to end the week.