Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting Into Vinyl

I had vinyl for nearly two years before I even touched it. I decided I needed a partner in crime for my first time using vinyl so I called Bridge! So our first project with vinyl was decorating our machines. It took much longer for us to decide what to cut out then learn how to cut it out.

I am big into themes so I wanted a theme for each machine. I decided to do my Imagine first (more area to work with). I decided on a rock princess theme for my imagine.  I used the Rock Princess cartridge and the font from Car Decals. A couple days later I decided on a beach theme for my Expressions. I used Simply Charmed, Create a Critter, and the font from Life's a Beach.

 I am a "do it now" girl and Bridge is a "slow and steady wins the race" girl. It took her almost three weeks to just pick her theme. She decided on the Halloween theme for her Create machine. She used the Mini Monster cartridge.

The vinyl is easy to work with and use. I don't use transfer paper unless it a big image that you need to keep centered and not let it overlap.

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