Thursday, February 9, 2012

Explaining My Story

Ok before we get into the crafts, I need to explain my story and introduce you to some key people in my life that are also important in my crafting.
I started scrapbooking in college about ten years ago. I would call this “old school scrapping”- lots of stickers, pop-up designs, and sticker letters. Seeing I didn’t want to have this hobby alone and I dragged (well she came willing) my BFF and partner in crime (Bridge) in to enjoy my hobby too. We continued this type of scrapbooking until 3 ½ years ago when a great friend (Carly) convinced me to go on a weekend scrapbooking retreat. Then it all changed for me!!! I had always been “crafty” but not to the level or obsession I am now. I was introduced to the Cricut Expressions!
To say the least, I fell in LOVE! I came home from the retreat and convinced my husband (AJ) that I HAD to have one. So being the wonderful man that he is the next day he went to Walmart and purchased me a Cricut Expressions and supplies. (The first thing I ever cut out on my own machine was a Mickey Mouse which I still have.)  Next, I needed to get Bridge to get on board for going to the next retreat (which I did) and get her hooked on the cricut (that took a little longer but I did it).
I had always had an office/sewing/scrapbooking room at my house but I knew I had started a new obsession when I started packing up my sewing supplies to make room for the cricut and supplies. Over time, because of my wonderful husband, I got an imagine machine and an Expressions 2 limited edition and a whole bunch of cartridges. Bridge over time got the Cricut Create, Expressions 2, and the Cricut Mini. I think we are covered on machines.

My three machines

Bridge's Three Machines
July 2011, Bridge and her family moved into my neighborhood. This was so exciting on many levels. One Bridge is Jack’s nanny, it’s easier to share supplies, and just getting to walk to her house whenever to see each other.  Until this past October, my stuff had been spread out in “my office” over a six foot table, a large trunk, and a four foot craft table. Twice a year for our retreats, I pack my stuff up and take it all with me for the weekend. After our October 2011 retreat, we decided to leave our supplies at her house and set up our stuff in her huge formal living room.  Her husband, Gary, had no idea what he was getting into. It started out with two tables. Now it’s three tables all the time and a fourth table comes out for guest crafters (Bridge’s oldest two daughters, friend Stephanie, and anyone who wants to join) and two huge shelves across the room for cartridges and supplies. I do have to Thank!!! Gary for putting the two awesome shelves up. I have not “shut-down” my home office but I do less crafting there. I do take homework home and work on it there!

My Table :)

Bridge's Table

Jack’s playroom is connected to our workplace so it’s a great set up. He can run around and play but when he is feeling “crafty” he comes and sits in a chair between Bridge and I usually eating a snack or playing with Little People but he is still involved.
Now it’s time to share the crafts!

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  1. Yay so excited to see what my big sister is
    Getting into next! Love you you crafty OCCD person!