Sunday, February 26, 2012

Historical Figures Scrapbook

In third grade, the students must learn nine historical figures.

Paul Revere
Frederick Douglass
Mary McLeod Bethune
Franklin Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt
Thurgood Marshall
Susan B. Anthony
Cesar Chavez
Lyndon B. Johnson

One of my wonderful team members (Illy) shared the idea of making a historical figures scrapbook. So of course, I had to do this project in my classroom. 

I gave my student a rubric/guidelines for what information needed to be included for each figure. 
Birth date and place
What they were known for
Obstacles or struggles they faced
What was going on in the world and what did they do
A Quote

They also needed to include 2 pictures a timeline (including three events + birth and death)

So after explaining the project, I decided to kick it off right by bringing in several of my scrapbooks so they could see how different each page can be. This got them really excited!! 

I showed the students how to research each person. We completed all the research in class and they completed the scrapbook pages at home. Illy and I are going to have two sessions after school so we can work with the kids using our own supplies. I am excited to bring two of my cricuts to school so I can show my kids how they work:)

I decided to picked one figure to make an example page for my class. I chose Cesar Chavez. Really it was just an excuse to be crafty, scrapbook, and use my cricut. 

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