Monday, April 23, 2012

Disney Princesses

Logan and Peyton are sisters that have birthdays close together. Their mom (Melissa) asked me to put together several items for each girl. Logan's 5th birthday is going to be a Disney Princess Party. Melissa wanted a banner and a couple of centerpieces that could be used at Logan's party and the next at Peyton and Logan's combined party. 

I started by making 15 Princess invitations. Logan wanted Sleeping Beauty on the front. 

Princess Logan has a birthday banner with all her favorite princesses! Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, and Belle. The banner is in two pieces so that after the party Princess Logan can hang her name on the wall in her room if she wants.

"Happy 5th Birthday Princess Logan"

The Large Castle Centerpiece
Logan's Castle with each of the princesses

Two Glass Jar Centerpieces that are double sided.

Each of the princesses' dresses 

The Castle inside the glass jar with the number 5 on it.

One side of the centerpiece
The other side
Inside the centerpiece- A star with Logan's name on it

The centerpieces all together

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